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“Established in 2002, we Loop Detection is reputed producer and dealer of an array of merchandise in Delhi, India. We furnish clients with merchandise like hand held metallic detectors, door frame, below car search mirrors and a lot more.”


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Marketing and selling

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Loop Detection holds the esteemed distinction of being India’s oldest and most reputable supplier of cutting-edge metal detectors and state-of-the-art exploration survey equipment. With a foundation laid in 2002, it emerged as a shining gem in the industry, swiftly rising to prominence as a subsidiary under the umbrella of the esteemed parent brand, Loop Techno Systems pvt.ltd
In a journey spanning more than two decades, Loop Techno Systems Pvt Ltd has meticulously cultivated a reputation for excellence, fostering enduring relationships with its customers through unparalleled service and top-of-the-line products. Since its inception in 2002, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients.
Beyond its core expertise in metal detectors and exploration survey equipment, Loop Techno Systems Pvt Ltd has diversified its portfolio, engaging in a myriad of other ventures. With an unwavering commitment to quality, the company has ventured into the manufacturing of an impressive array of security products, catering to the demands of a security-conscious world. Additionally, it has left a lasting impact on the electronics market, offering a wide range of electronic products that have captivated tech enthusiasts across the nation.
The caring touch of Loop Techno Systems Pvt Ltd extends to the realm of baby care, where its innovative and reliable baby care products have become a go-to choice for parents, providing comfort and peace of mind. Moreover, the company has ventured into the flourishing health and wellness industry, presenting a compelling lineup of products that promote a healthier lifestyle for its discerning clientele.
The brand’s reach is further extended into the domain of baby milk bottles, where its thoughtful designs and quality manufacturing have garnered praise from parents and caregivers alike. Embracing the digital age with fervor, Loop Techno Systems Pvt Ltd has also embraced the world of e-commerce, providing seamless online shopping experiences to consumers across the country.
Amidst its impressive array of clients, Loop Detection has had the honor of serving prestigious entities such as the revered Indian Army, ensuring that the nation’s defenders are equipped with the finest tools for their crucial missions. In collaboration with the Delhi Police, the brand has contributed to enhancing security measures, playing a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s capital. Moreover, Loop Detection has played a crucial part in supporting the infrastructural development of prominent organizations, including Orient Cement, and has contributed to the success of renowned brands like Mahindra, First Cry, and ITC hotels.
As Loop Detection continues to forge ahead, it remains firmly rooted in its commitment to delivering excellence, innovation, and top-notch service to its ever-expanding customer base. With an eye toward the future, the company endeavors to lead the way in the industry, shaping a brighter, safer, and more connected world through its innovative offerings and unparalleled dedication. If you Want to known more about us and our Product and service please kindly Reach out to our sales and technical excutives.

Why Choose Us ?

Our supplied merchandise are designed and manufactured by using professional engineers and professionals. We use nice components for our production. Our engineers make use of modern-day designing equipment and machines to diagram merchandise in accordance to the brand new trends.
The vary of merchandise that we furnish is surprisingly in demand for their incompatible elements and great finish. Besides presenting first-rate merchandise we additionally provide our clients with protected packaging inside the stipulated time. This has helped us acquire a large purchaser base all over the country.

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