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Garrett ATX Pro Deepseeker Metal Detector – 11 x 13″ DD Coil Package


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The Garrett ATX Pro DeepSeeker Package is a great Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector to get you detecting in any terrain. This ATX has been designed by Garrett to be flexible enough for almost any environment.

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A fantastic Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector to start you detecting in any terrain is the Garrett ATX Pro DeepSeeker Package. Garrett created this ATX to be adaptable enough for practically any setting. The frequency scan and ground tracking features of the ATX enable it to continuously adjust for changing mineral concentrations whether you are looking for artifacts in mineral-rich soil or along the beach looking for treasure in the surf. As a result, you can still hear the signal shift when you are ready to locate a treasure. One closed search coil and one open coil are included in this kit. The ATX is waterproof up to 10 feet deep, and the larger coil’s open design allows water to move through, which reduces drag and eases arm strain while you search for your hidden treasure. Make sure you get the Underwater Headphones, which are not included with this set, if you intend to go diving.

For detecting larger caches of things that have been buried for a long time, this ATX metal detector’s combination of Pulse Induction (PI) and larger search coils is ideal. Today, relic hunters can hunt with the ATX in Non-Motion mode to delve even further below in search of their stash of Civil War camp utensils, buttons, and abandoned firearms. This Garrett PI metal detector is a simple way to get started metal detecting right away. It comes complete with land headphones, a military-grade hard case, a soft carrying case for carrying lighters, two search coils, batteries, and a battery charger.


  • Motion Mode
  • Non-Motion Mode
  • Retune / Pinpoint Button
  • Iron Check (only on Non-Mono coils) / Frequency

Scan ButtonAs the ultimate multi-tasking detector, the Garrett ATX Extreme PI Metal Detector was created. It was designed to locate a variety of targets in some of the hardest environments, such as saltwater and heavily mineralized soils. In addition to looking for coins and jewels, the ATX is skilled at relic hunting and gold prospecting. The ATX can be utilized with its stem fully extended or compressed to match the variations seen in a range of terrains. For use in detecting up walls or embankments, the DD Search Coil can even be secured into a 90-degree configuration.

The ATX offers versatility by combining uniform sensitivity with the DD search coil and maximum detection on all objects at once. The user won’t have to switch between modes to improve one target’s detection while weakening the other. In fact, the ATX’s Pulse Induction Technology improves the machine’s capacity to find tiny things like coins, nuggets, and artifacts. The metal detector can filter out garbage and interference to find these smaller objects thanks to its superior ground balancing and iron check systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • Provides a Quick Iron Check
  • Weighs in at 6.9 lbs (3.1 kgs)
  • Protected by a 2 Year Warranty
  • Adjustable to 20” – 68” in Length
  • Submersible Up To 10 Feet of Water
  • Emits an Adjustable Audio Threshold
  • Includes 13 Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments
  • Comes with 25 Adjustable Discrimination Setting
  • Emits a Maximum Frequency of 730 Pulses Per Second
  • Provides a Ground Balance Range from Ferrous to Salty
  • Operates using an Advanced Pulse Induction Circuit Type
  • Includes 2 Search Modes Including Motion, Non-Motion and Pinpoint


  • Tuning is Simplified
  • Able to be Assembled Easily
  • Cancels Signals That Interfere with Auto Retune
  • Able to Choose 4 Different Ground Track Settings
  • Emits Audio from an External Waterproof Speaker
  • Provides Maximum Detection without Degradation
  • Includes Adjustable Volume Control to Hear Fainter Signals
  • Shows Signal Strength and Settings Through LED Indicators
  • Minimizes RFI Interference Automatically Through a Frequency Scan
  • Comes with an Advanced Ground Balance that Doesn’t Require Manual Switching

Factory Included Accessories

  • NEW: 11×13″ DD Closed Search Coil
  • Battery Charger
  • 15×20″ Deepseeker Mono Search Coil
  • AA Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries)
  • Multi-Use Travel and Storage Case with ATX Logo
  • Custom Detector Sling by Garrett Metal Detectors
  • Strong, Hard Carrying Case – Garrett Military-Grade
  • Adjustable Land Headphones with Cushioned Ear Cups

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