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Minelab CTX-3030 Standard Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones


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Product Description

Minelab CTX-3030 Standard Detector – with Wireless Headphones
with 11″ Waterproof DD Smart Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories  *Updated Version with Updated Battery Sand Seal & New Armrest Lock

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The CTX 3030 is Minelab’s most advanced high performance treasure detector that can, and will find you more lost and hidden treasure than most other metal detectors. Have the time of your life finding Gold and silver coins, Gold jewelry, rings of gold, platinum, silver, many with valuable diamonds, emerald, rubies and more, all the while discriminating and eliminating unwanted junk and trash targets. You can even find old valuable relics and artifacts with the 3030.

The CTX 3030 All Terrain metal detector will locate valuable metal objects in all soil types even a variety of mineralized ground conditions where other detectors function poorly or not at all, including extremely salty sea water, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground where gold is found. Versatile features allow you to easily customize your CTX 3030 for your specific requirements. Best Of All – It’s Easy To Use! With ’Turn on and go’ simplicity, five preset Search Modes and many Automatic Functions make it easy for the beginner to get started. Advanced features are easily accessible at the touch of a button for the experienced treasure hunter. If you use any hand held cell phone, you can use one of the best metal detectors for land, beach or in the water.


  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited
  • Frequency : 1.5 kHz – 100 kHz
  • Total Weight : 5.20 lbs (2.36 kgs)
  • Waterproof : Up to 10 Feet of Water
  • Integrated GPS PC Mapping : See Where you Have Been and Where you are Going (Not Mac Compatible)
  • Full Color Display : Full Color LCD Clearly Displays More Target Information than Ever Before
  • Multi-Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish
  • Wireless UR-30 Headphones : Provide you with the Ability to Hear Faint / Deep Treasure with Crisp Clear Sound
  • New Armrest Lock : The ‘Turn’ Mechanism that Could Become Loose After Repeated Use has Been Replaced with a ‘Push’ Mechanism for Increased Reliability and Ease of Adjusting
  • New Updated Battery Sand Seal : The Battery Now has a Fitted Sand Seal that Minimizes the Ingress of Sand that Could Potentially Compromise the Internal ‘O’-Ring Waterproofing Rubber Seal

With the Unrivaled Performance of the CTX-3030 you’ll Experience – The Future of Discovery!

The Waterproof All-Terrain CTX-3030 is the Ultimate High Performance TREASURE Detector

Discover more historical treasures with the most accurate target identification available. With a full color LCD and advanced Target Trace discrimination you will find more treasure, even among junk littered areas, in all ground conditions.

Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio with the versatility of built-in speaker and headphone options.

With Minelab’s exclusive integrated GPS, you can navigate to your favorite locations and record your finds. Transfer your detecting information onto Google Maps using the XChange 2 PC application (Not Mac Compatible).

Best Of All – Easy To Use!

‘Switch on and go’ simplicity, five preset Search Modes and many automatic functions make it easy for the beginner to get started. Advanced features are easily accessible at the touch of a button for the experienced treasure hunter.

ctx 3030

Main Features



You can go metal detecting anywhere with this versatile TREASURE detector. You have the flexibility of land and underwater detecting as the Minelab CTX-3030 is waterproof to 10 ft (3 m).

Wireless Audio
Have the freedom to detect without your headphones being attached to your detector. With the WM 10 Wireless Module you have the choice of using the internal speaker, supplied headphones or your own favorite headphones.
FeCo Discrimination
With Ferrous (Fe) and Conductivity (Co) target resolution, plus adjustable Tone ID Profiles, you can detect the targets you want to and ignore the rest. With Target Trace and Target Separation, you are able to identify multiple targets simultaneously for accurate detecting results.
Full Color Display
Full Color Display
The full color LCD clearly displays more target info. than ever before. Also enhances the CTX-3030’s discrimination capabilities.

GPS Locating

See where you have been and where you are going by using the Map screen and Navigation Tool. New GPS functions, such as GeoTrails, WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoHunts, allow you to leave your handheld GPS at home!

PC Mapping
PC Mapping
(Not Mac Compatible)

Upload all of your metal detector settings and treasure locations to your PC using the XChange 2 application. Attach photos and text to your finds, group them into categories. View the locations on Google Maps. You can also download data to your detector for re-exploring favorite areas.
Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages
You can choose from 9 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish.
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

The well balanced design has all the battery weight behind the armrest for comfortable detecting. The detector is fully adjustable to suit your needs.

Quick Menus
Quick Menus
Gives you easy access to ‘on the go’ adjustments. Smart Functions (Sensitivity, Noise Cancel, Audio, Ground Balance) and a custom User Button allows fast changes to your most used controls while detecting.

“Discover History with the CTX 3030 and Record your Treasure Finds!”


CTX 3030 IdentifyFor quickly accepting or rejecting a detected target, the Identify function saves you time and effort! Edited patterns are automatically saved within your current Search Mode. Auto accept / reject discrimination features are also available for fast pattern editing using sample targets.

Target TraceTarget Trace displays many detections per second to offer greater visual detail of a target’s identity. Multiple targets are displayed as colored hot spots, or streaks, across the Detect Screen – turning everyone into experts. Choose to have on or off while detecting or during pinpointing.
Tone ID ProfileTone ID Profile select and adjust detection audio tones so you can clearly hear the differences between valuable ‘accepted’ targets before deciding to dig. Eight Tone ID Profiles are available. Audio responses can be matched with FeCo discrimination patterns for maximum versatility.
Ferrous-Coin SeparationFerrous-Coin Separation separates ferrous (iron) targets from coin-like targets to improve the identification of coin-like targets that are in very close proximity to ferrous targets. Find the treasure others have missed!
Ground-Coin SeparationGround-Coin Separation separates ground signals from coin-like targets to improve the identification of coin-like targets that are affected by ground signals. This greatly improves the stability of good targets in mineralized ground.

CTX 3030 IdentifyWhen you are searching, the Detect screen shows you all the target information you need to find more treasure – you won’t miss anything! The color display, Ferrous and Conductivity numbers, numerical depth indicator and sensitivity panel will give you more confidence to find those elusive good targets in heavily searched and high trash areas.

Target Trace Examples:

Target Trace

Low Conductive and High Conductive Coins

Target Trace

High Conductive Coin and Ferrous Trash

Target Trace

Low Conductive Coin and Ferrous Trash

Target Trace

Erratic Target Trace Indicating Rusty Junk

CTX 3030 IdentifyWhen you want to check treasure locations or ground you have covered, the Map screen shows you the way – no need for a separate GPS! The GeoTrail displays the path where you have been so you don’t waste time detecting the same ground twice. Use WayPoints and FindPoints to create your own treasure map.

Navigation ToolNavigation Tool Use the Navigation Tool to guide you to the next detecting site. No need to use a separate GPS device. Use the direction and distance indicators to locate where you finished detecting yesterday/last week/last year. Navigate to WayPoints you have created on Google Maps and downloaded to your detector. Go back to a previously marked FindPoint to search for more treasure.

CTX 3030 IdentifyFor recording find locations and entire treasure hunts, the Store function does it all! WayPoints are used as general position markers to easily navigate to your favorite locations. FindPoints capture location, detector and target data for storing details of your treasure finds.

WayPointWayPoint is used just like in other GPS devices. Each WayPoint comprises of time and location data. You can use WayPoints to mark general locations of interest and for navigating to detecting areas. One hundred WayPoints can be stored in the detector.
FindPointFindPoint brings together all of the important information you need to know about your treasure finds. WayPoint data is combined with target data and detector settings, at the time of discovery, to create a FindPoint. One hundred FindPoints can be stored in the detector.
GeoTrailGeoTrail is a colored trail on the Map screen which shows where you have been detecting. You can be confident that no ground has been left unsearched. The GeoTrail changes color when being recorded as part of a GeoHunt.
GeoHuntGeoHunt is made up of your GeoTrail and any WayPoints and FindPoints you mark along the way. A GeoHunt is displayed on the Map screen and can be placed onto Google Maps to record you successes and plan your next hunt. Ten GeoHunts can be stored in the detector.
Control box
Mode Mode
Choose from 10 customizable Search Modes. Five of these modes are preset to get you started (Coins, Beach, Relic, Silver and High Trash). Each Search Mode has two adjustable discrimination patterns.

Options Options
Set up your detector for the most convenient operation with your preferred options. (E.g. Wireless, Backlight, GPS, Locality, Time Zone and measurement Units.)
Display Display
Customize the Map and Detect screens to display the information you want see. (E.g. Large ID Panel, Navigation Tool, Sensitivity Panel and GPS coordinates.)

GeoStore GeoStore
Easily access and sort your detecting and location data for quick reference in the field. View the details and navigate to your saved WayPoints, FindPoints, and GeoHunts.
On / Off On / Off
Also gives options for language selection and detector reset.
Sensitivity Sensitivity
Manual and Automatic Sensitivity options to maximize detection depth in all ground conditions.
Noise Cancel Noise Cancel
Manual and Automatic Noise Cancel options to minimize external interference. This ensures faint target signals can be heard.
Ground Balance Ground Balance
Improved ability to effectively ‘see through’ heavily mineralized ground. This can enable accurate detection at greater depth in these conditions.
Audio Audio
Threshold and Volume options to optimize Audio settings for your personal hearing and detecting surroundings.
User User
Select from many functions and assign your favorite ‘shortcut’.
Exchange Banner 2

Your world of discovery can now be simply managed on your PC. XChange 2 allows you to store and retrieve detecting data, and also display this on Google Maps. It has never been easier to keep track of your detecting adventures and plan your next hunt. XChange 2 will change the way you go detecting – forever! (Not Mac Compatible)

CTX 3030 Identify

Add FindPoint Information

Add text comments and photos to your finds and/or hunts.

Important detecting information can now all be stored in one place with one PC application.

CTX 3030 Identify

Edit Discrimination Patterns

Create and edit discrimination patterns on your PC and then download them to your detector.

Each detector Search Mode contains two discrimination patterns

CTX 3030 Identify

Edit Tone ID Profiles

Customize Tone ID Profiles by changing the size and frequency of each section.

Then download to your CTX 3030 for advanced detecting!

CTX 3030 Identify

Edit Universal Settings

Personalize your CTX 3030 even further by adjusting universal detector settings such as Audio, Sensitivity, Backlight, Wireless and GPS.

Key Technologies

CTX 3030 Identify

CTX 3030 uses advanced electronics and signal analysis to give you much more information about buried targets than any other detector.

With FBS 2, Smartfind 2, GPSi and Wi-Stream, Minelab takes the World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies to the next level of performance.

CTX 3030 Identify


FBS 2 combines Minelab’s FBS multiple frequency rectangular-wave transmission (1.5 kHz –100 kHz) with advanced digital coil-to-detector communications.

The precisely calibrated smart coils and detector electronics allow advanced signal analysis for more accurate detection.

CTX 3030 Identify

Smartfind 2

Smartfind 2 greatly enhances Minelab’s FeCo Discrimination to analyze and display a target’s Ferrous (Fe) and Conductive (Co) properties on a full colour LCD.

Ultra-fast micro-controllers carry out digital signal processing to provide significantly improved target separation.

CTX 3030 Identify


GPSi uses the high performance and flexibility of a u-blox GPS positioning engine to seamlessly integrate location and time data with detector settings and target information.

This creates WayPoint, FindPoint and GeoHunt files that are compatible with XChange 2.



Wi-Stream uses efficient low-power digital audio transmission to achieve no perceivable audio time lag (<10 ms) from the CTX 3030 to the WM 10.

With multiple channel capability, this wireless technology provides reliable communication with maximum sound quality.

5 Major Accessories for CTX-3030

CTX3030 Coil

CTX 06 Smart Coil

The waterproof 6-inch round Double-D coil is very sensitive to small targets, and perfect for finding treasure in high trash areas. It is also ideal for maneuvering in difficult terrain. A protective skidplate is included.

CTX3030 17 Coil

CTX 17 Smart Coil

The waterproof 17″ × 13″ elliptical Double-D coil provides maximum depth for specialized treasure hunting. It is also great for wide ground coverage in open spaces. A protective skidplate is included.

Koss Headphones

Waterproof Headphones

These fully submersible headphones provide excellent audio for all weather conditions and underwater use.


WM 10 Wireless Module*

This module provides clear wireless audio without any perceivable time delay. Use the built-in speaker or your choice of headphones.

*Supplied with Standard Pack.

Battery Pack

Replaceable Battery Pack*

Forgotten to charge your battery? This pack provides the option of using 8 x AA cells as an alternate power source.

*Supplied with Standard Pack only. Available as accessory for Starter Pack. Not supplied with AA battery cells

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